5 Different Types of Glue

wood glue

According to the Wikipedia, a glue is a sticky substance that sticks two or more things together. It can be made of plants or animal parts or can be made out of the factory from oil-based chemicals.

All-purpose glues are considered as a part of our everyday living. It is included on the list of basic items that we need on the first day of school when we were still kids. It is the one that we use when we have items at home that needs to be repaired. It is one of the most useful thing that we use when making projects. Since it has different uses, I think that you would like to know the different types of glues and its uses.

White Glue

White glues are used to stick papers, cloth, card boards and other light-weight materials usually made up of paper. Since it uses water as its base, white glues should not be used on projects which need water resistance. To achieve its maximum strength, it should be used when it’s dried up completely.

Wood Glue

From the word itself, this type of glue is used in sticking wood products. It is used to glue broken furniture or any project which is made from wood. There are 3 types of wood glues available: type 1(has waterproof properties), type 2(used for exterior conditions) and type 3 (for interior purposes only).

Super Glue

A super glue is a strong and quick drying glue. It is one of the most useful glue that we should have at home at least. For me, I use a super glue always whenever the side mirror of our jeepney get detached from the side. I clean the plastic part that will be attached to the jeep and the jeep’s side where I will be putting it. Once it’s clean, I put just the right amount of glue and hold it until it dries up.

Hot Glue

Hot glues are the ones inserted on a glue gun and when it reaches its melting point of about (250°F to 380°F) the glue will be disposed out of it. Hot glues are very efficient because it can be used on any surfaces porous or non-porous. It can also glue uneven surfaces. It’s all-around quality is amazing but using this kind of glue is not suitable for kids.

Glue Sticks

Glue sticks are not as efficient as hot glues and not as strong as super glues but one quality that stands out from it is its child friendly nature. It is used to glue cardboard, paper, cartolina, etc. It is very useful in sealing envelopes, paper cuttings, scrap books and other paper related art projects.

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